About Us

West Penn Testing Group provides an extensive array of reliable, independent non-destructive testing services.  As a leading testing and evaluation organization, we serve customers in the metals, aerospace, nuclear, commercial manufacturing, military and automotive industries.  West Penn utilizes immersion c-scan ultrasonic, phased array, macro etch, fluorescent and visible dye penetrant inspection to evaluate the quality and integrity of billets, bars, forgings and plates. These non-destructive testing services can be used to evaluate all types of ferrous metals, alloys, nickel-based superalloys, aluminum, titanium, specialty metals and metallic components.

All testing services are conducted in our fully equipped facilities, nearly 100,000 square feet, and are tailored directly to specific client needs. We can handle disk diameters up to 96″, material up to 20,000 pounds, 48″ in diameter, and 32 feet in length.

West Penn Testing Group is a member-company of MISTRAS Group, Inc.